Carbon neutral

Carbon Neutral Certification

Green Pass’ provides you with a carbon audit and ongoing carbon services resulting in carbon neutral accreditation. Our services directly align with your business needs to reduce costs, emissions and achieve carbon neutral certicfiation in a cost effective manner..

We accredit you as a forward looking and standout business, which can prove its environmental credentials.

What we provide to accredit your business as carbon neutral.

1. Carbon Audit;
2. Sustainability assessment;
3. Energy efficiency strategies;
4. Carbon offsets; and
5. Carbon Neutral certification.

Following Green Pass’ carbon neutral solution will provide you with our well-recognised accreditation that complies with the government’s voluntary carbon standard.

Why become carbon neutral?
Business and consumers alike are becoming increasingly aware of the products and services they buy. Environmental credentials plays an important role within the decision making process.
Businesses that have addressed their carbon production and have made effective steps to neutralise their emissions will display and communicate their carbon neutral position. Placing their business at the forefront.
Business and consumers will easily resonate with your businesses carbon neutral position. Identifying you as a business that has taken steps towards carbon measurement and reduction to achieve neutrality.
Business regularly achieve reduced costs and growth as result of completing the carbon neutral process with Green Pass.

How much does it cost to become carbon neutral?
To become carbon neutral a carbon audit must be completed to assess the carbon production. The costs involved for a carbon audit may be reviewed here. To gain your carbon neutral certification all emissions through scope 1, 2 and areas or 3 must be neutralised through the purchase of carbon offsets. The number of carbon offsets to be purchased depends on each companies energy consumption and carbon output.
Businesses may get an idea of the number of carbon offsets required to reviewing our carbon calculator for energy here.

Why use Green Pass?
Our carbon audit process will provide substantial benefits to your business. Whilst our carbon offsets are reasonably priced and sourced from accredited projects that drive GHG reduction in the atmosphere.

Calculate the carbon emissions from your energy consumption


Carbon Neutral