Building Energy Efficiency Certificate

Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) program is government legislative requirement for owners and managers of commercial office buildings. Properties must obtain a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) when selling or leasing a commercial office space or building in excess of 2,000sqm.

BEEC requirements (from 1 November 2011)
From the 1st of November 2011 a full valid BEEC must be disclosed and made publicly accessible on the Building Energy Efficient Register within the CBD website. A BEEC is valid to expiration of either the NABERS rating or the tenancy lighting assessment (which ever comes first), and must be prepared by an accredited assessor.

BEEC Components

NABERS rating
NABERS is a building energy rating based on the operational outputs of the building, designed to provide comparative based results.

Tenancy lighting assessment
The lighting assessment under the program must be completed by a CBD accredited assessor. This component assesses the lighting in each tenancy of the building, and provides a rating outcome as to the efficiency level. This assessment is designed to provide an easy comparable system in determining the efficiency of the lighting that is installed within an area that is to be leased or sold.

General energy efficiency guidance
The final component of the BEEC requires no additional input from the building owner, manager or an assessor. This is automatically tabled within each BEEC and includes guidance for tenancies and the building as a whole.

Completing a BEEC

As the process of obtaining a BEEC can take time, we highly recommenced implementing a management plan right now, and identifying buildings that will likely require a rating. Getting started early with an accredited assessor from Green Pass will ensure you're on the right track with BEEC requirements.

For further information upon your BEEC requirements and the manner in which you must disclose and advertise a BEEC, please call Green Pass today for you free initial consultation.

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