Carbon Audit

Green Pass will assess your energy use and carbon footprint whilst evaluating the ways you currently use non renewable resources. A Carbon Audit will lead to improved performances that will save your organisation from wasteful usage practices and will lead to strategies that affect how effectively your business will operate in an environmentally aware culture.

Green Pass will diagnose your current sustainability level and show ways to improve. This will inevitably lead to the identification of opportunities that may never have existed in your business. Value adding and thinking long-term about how you conduct your business operations, are changes that will prove profitable.

Our experts will report on your energy and emissions targets in compliance with Australian standards.

A Carbon Audit will cover the following aspects:

    1. Energy efficiency
    2. Employee programs
    3. Lighting
    4. Heating and cooling
    5. Transportation
    6. Carbon dioxide emissions

Efficiency Assessment

Green Pass may also conduct an energy efficiency review in association with a NABERS rating. This process will establish your businesses current NABERS star rating whilst providing you with an overview assessment identifying opportunities available.

Additionally you may join the City Switch Program whilst completing the process. Joining today will enable your company to take advantage of the program's rebate options of $500 to $9000. Call today to check your eligibility.

For further details upon how Green Pass can tailor an assessment for your requirements please contact us to discuss further.

Why do you need a carbon audit?
Research shows companies use more energy than they need resulting in unnecessary costs and damage to the environment.
A carbon audit will provide your business with a complete diagnosis of it current position and enable the development of accurate energy efficiency initiatives that result in reductions in costs and emission.

How much does a carbon audit cost?
A carbon audit cost is dependant upon the size and complexity of a business’s premises. As a rough guideline, the following company engaged in a carbon audit and achieved the below savings:
50 – 100 employees $3000 - $6000
Through Green Pass engagement this company achieved a payback within 6 months. A free no obligation site visit will assist in providing an accurate quote.

Why use Green Pass?
Green Pass can provide a cost effective audit that meets your business requirements. Our ongoing support model provides assistance in the execution of energy efficiency strategies.
Through strategic partnerships the Green Pass team can facilitate a range of additional services and benefits resulting in increased savings and benefits.

The Green Pass team has over 16 years experience in generating energy savings.

Find out more about business sustainability and how Green Pass can tailor an assessment for your business by contacting us today!

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Carbon Audit

Green Pass is City Switch Signatory. We will facilitate and manage your City Switch program requirements.