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Green Pass has an accredited assessor to conduct NABERS ratings for office, hotels and shopping centres. NABERS ratings which are primarily being used for the commercial building disclosure program, is the most effective tool to assess and compare office building against other similar buildings.

NABERS tool is a performance based rating system, 1-6 star ratings are based on a buildings operational outputs.

NABERS will provide office buildings, hotels and shopping centres the ability to understand current performance, and to help develop and manage energy efficiency and Commercial Building Disclosure requirements.

Understanding your portfolio's position will ensure you are perfectly positioned to capitalise upon any government incentive programs that will utilise the rating tool.

NABERS ratings may be performed on energy, water, indoor environment and waste. Additional rating tools are under development, these include data centres, employee travel, mixed use office buildings and hospitals.

Primary information required:

    1. Net Lettable Area (NLA);
    2. Energy consumption data;
    3. Tenant lease extracts; and
    4. Hours of operation;

NABERS assessors are trained and accredited, through a stringent process. Each submitted rating incurs a level 1 audit through program administrators. Accredited assessors are skilled in the management and operation of office buildings and hotels, and are able to provide relevant and constructive feedback upon improvement and retrofit options.

Why you need a NABERS rating?
NABERS provides office buildings, hotels and shopping centres the ability to identify their current position, whilst providing a comparable star rating result to other buildings, hotels and shopping centres in Australia.
With the commencement of the Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure Act on the 1st of November 2010, commercial office buildings that meet the threshold will be required to attain a NABERS rating when sold or leased. Developing and understanding the process for data collection will assist in meeting reporting requirements.

How much will a NABERS rating cost?
A NABERS rating will depend upon the size and complexity of your premise and the availability of property data.
A rating may cost between $1000 and $4000 for a reasonably sized premise.

Why use Green Pass?
Our accredited assessor may conduct your ratings in cost effective manner. Ongoing support and energy efficiency, reporting and metering adds value to the service we provide. Long term relationships are key to our pricing structure. Establishing methods for effective data collection and cost effective ratings are the result from engaging Green Pass. With over 250,000 sqm of space within commercial office buildings assessed. Our service and level of expertise is guaranteed.

Green Pass’s strategic alliances ensures we can provide you with essential requirements in the most cost effective manner.

Green Pass can fulfil your NABERS rating and energy efficiency requirements. Talk to one of our consultants today for a competitive NABERS rating quote.

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Learn more about the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage NABERS rating program.



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