City Switch Rebate offer

Green Pass is happy to announce round 2 of the City Switch rebate program. The rebate shall provide businesses in the City of Melbourne and Port Phillip, the opportunity to obtain a rebate amount from $500 to $9000 depending on the size of your office.

The City of Melbourne has been running a very successful City Switch program, with substantial interest from business within the municipality of Melbourne and Port Phillip. The program strives to drive sustainability and encourages participants to obtain a NABERS rating, whilst they develop and manage an energy efficiency program.

This rebate program will further encourage and provide support to businesses that wish to join.

The Rebate program announced on the 29th March 2011 is structured as follows:

Office Size                        Maximum rebate amount
under 2,000 sqm                 $500
2,000 sqm - 5,000 sqm        $1,000
5,000 sqm - 10,000 sqm      $2,000
10,000 sqm - 20,000 sqm    $3,500
20,000 sqm - 30,000 sqm    $5,000
30,000 sqm - 50,000 sqm    $7,000
50,000 sqm +                     $9,000

For further details on how your business may take advantage of this rebate program, please contact Green Pass.

Your office program participation

Green Pass’ provides business with services required to participate in within the program.

Your office environment will be required to obtain an accredited NABERS rating and achieve a base level score within 12 months.

What we provide Melbourne’s office community the ability to sign up to City Switch and achieve the rewards. We provide the following to City Switch participants:

    1. Free sign up;
    2. NABERS rating;
    3. Efficiency strategies;
    4. Model rating scenarios; and
    5. Green Power.

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